Research domain: Applied health informatics

Current work

Determining the operational impact of digitized medical records (collaboration with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Productive transitions of care (collaboration with University of Leeds, University of Nottingham, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust))
Systematic review of outcome variables in health informatics (collaboration with Prof Jeremy Wyatt, University of Leeds; Prof Charles Friedman, University of Michigan; Dr Eric Eisenstein, Duke University; Dr Andrew Georgiou, University of New South Wales)
Exploring the critical success factors for health IT in low and middle income countries (PhD study by Haythem Nakkas).

Potential PhD topics to supervise

Creating a 'lite' evaluation methodology for health informatics implementations in the NHS
Devise and validate instruments for evaluating the effectiveness of clinical handovers
Explore algorithms for optimal electronic health record (EHR) content presentation
Integrated semantic mining of native EHRs and digitized paper health records
Developing outcome models that combine semantic mining with structured biomedical data
Evaluating the effects of EHRs on clinician-patient interaction in diverse settings/specialties

Potential BSc/MSc project topics to supervise

Project management methods for healthcare IT deployment
Soft systems analysis of healthcare IT problem areas
Overcoming interoperability challenges for sharing healthcare data
Using anonymised healthcare data for research and commissioning analysis
Overcoming clinician barriers to adopting electronic patient records
Helping patients manage their own conditions using personal health records
Adopting national standards for structure and content of patient health records
Improving usability of electronic patient records

Areas of interest (See also Publications page)

Health informatics evaluation methods
Semantic interoperability standards in health and social care
Clinical decision support
Socio-technical impacts of health information systems
Clinical philosophy and decision-making
Clinical communication, particularly in transitions of care
Evidence-based project management